Brooklyn Bridge Park: Movies With A View

We popped by Brooklyn Bridge Park’s opening night of its Movies With A View series, currently in its 11th year.  The screening took place on the brand spanking new Pier 1 lawn, which was perfect for the picnickers who showed up early.  (We came just in time for the movie and polished off their leftovers.)  The views of the bridge and skyline are amazing and totally worth the trip if you’re coming from other boroughs.  The bicycle valet section was a cute touch, and the commuting crowd took full advantage and packed it up.

We were surprised by how quiet everyone was watching the movie (Annie Hall) – a welcome change from other outdoor film experiences involving screaming children.  The entire lawn was crowded, but in a nice, friendly way.  People were too busy laughing to notice you stepping on their blankets on the way to the bathroom.

The movies take place every Thursday night (around 8/8:30) until September 2nd, so leave happy hour early and relax on some fresh grass.  Check out the schedule here.

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